Introducing Palm Social


I am so excited to finally introduce PALM SOCIAL! 

Here at Palm Social we help ambitious brands increase visibility with intentionality on social media! Palm Social was created to fill a need that I continued to see with small businesses. We focus on social media so you can focus on your business!

If you are like most small businesses, you have probably tried the tactic of letting one of your employees post “on the side” of their job. OR if you are super ambitious, you have tried doing it yourself! Chances are, you haven’t seen much success. There just isn’t enough time to run your business effectively AND keep up with the trends, post with intentionality or engage with your community on social media. That is where we step in! 

We couldn’t be more excited that we get to serve small businesses all over the country (thanks technology!) and continue to fuel the American Dream of entrepreneurship. You are passionate about your business, we are equally passionate about watching it grow on social media! 

Follow us on Instagram @Palm_Social for tips and strategies that produce real results! 

P.S. Don’t wait. Timing will never be just right. Let’s grow your business now! Book a discovery call with Palm Social 

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